Water Breath is a meditation practice of
conscious breathing while floating in water

Mind-Body Integration

The water allows the entire body to move effortlessly with the breathing motions. Letting this coordinated wave happen naturally enhances the harmony between the mind, breath, internal organs, blood flow, and metabolism.

Typical experiences include peaceful well-being and rejuvenation during the practice itself, followed by increased mental clarity and reduced stress. Long-term benefits include healthier breathing habits and increased neuro-somatic integration.

Deep Meditation

Being floated and supported in body-temperature water induces womb-like nurturing and soothing relaxation. The deep meditative states bring awareness to subtle feelings and memories, and open doorways to the subconscious mind.

The experience often provides refreshing insights and awakening personal introspection that last beyond the practice. This inspires a sense of connection to inner wisdom, and enhances trust in intuitive guidance on a daily basis.